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The project "Promoting the tourism opportunities of the Gauja National Park region in European countries" has ended.

In 2019, the Gauja National Park Tourism Association, in cooperation with the Farm "Ieviņas", the Farm "Indrāni", SIA "Raiskuma labumu darītava" and SIA "Gusts Apinis" in 2019, started implementing the project "Tourism of the Gauja National Park Region" co-financed by the "Rural Support Service promoting opportunities in European countries".

As part of the project, we planned to establish cooperation between rural tourism service providers in Vidzeme, as well as to create brochures. These brochures collect 27 rural tourism service providers who are happy to welcome both local and foreign guests.

In order to popularize these services in the summer of 2020, within the framework of the project, trips to European countries - Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany - were planned to present the benefits of Latvia and distribute the created brochures. Unfortunately, the pandemic introduced its own adjustments and it was not possible to implement this activity.

In order for the tourists of the target countries to be informed about our offer, we sent out brochures with delivery companies and, in cooperation with Dutch and German agencies, distributed brochures in the Netherlands and Germany.

Even though as a result of unforeseen events we could not implement the project as we had planned, we have brochures available and have learned to cooperate in order to implement new projects and collaborations in the future.

The project brochure is available here.

Participation in the SDS project


Raiskums is part of the ancient Straupe Castle district. The village of Raiskums was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1350, it belonged to Augstroze Castle.

1458 - 1688

Raiskums manor

Raiskums parish appears in the documents and Raiskums manor (1683) is formed on SE side of the lake. From the beginning to 1688. it is owned by the Mazstraupe Rozen family.


Otto von Fegesak

Over the years, the manor has had several owners, until 1815. the manor is bought at an auction (for 32,500 gold rubles) by the supreme court assessor, later Landrat Otto von Fegesak.

1857 - 1880

Raiskums tavern

Fegesaks near Gauja built the Raiskums tavern (1857), where beer is brewed. Next to the tavern is a spring. The spring flows from the rocks. Its water is so good that Fegesaks even orders to bring it to the manor for drinking.


Later, a schoolhouse (1863), a cemetery (1880), a courthouse (1877) and a school (1878) were built next to the lake. Fegesaks treats the peasants very well (choir, teaching), thus Raiskums also avoids the peasant riots.

20th century

After the land reform in the 1920s and 1930s, a forestry school was established in the premises of the manor. During the Soviet era, in 1944, it turned into an army hospital. In 1957, the building became the Raiskums sanatorium school and boarding school for children. In 1965, when a new building was built for the school, the manor building served as a post office and a residence for teachers.

Of all the buildings, the large granary has been well preserved. Built in 1905. In the Soviet years, the mechanical workshops of the kolkhoz were arranged in this building. After the revival, the bakery "Doniņa" has been operating.


Raiskums brewery

The "Brewery Raiskumietis" is starting up. Continuing the good traditions of Fegesaks, brewing beer takes place at first, then baking bread and smoking meat.

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